Simulating The Future


The Oil & Gas Industry require the knowledge and the compliance of a wide variety of national and international standards for simulation, construction, inspection and maintenance of pipelines, on-shore and off-shore structures, valves, process machines, systems, as well as for the definition of actions governing over works to be carried out.

ESSS North America provides computational simulation and engineering solutions for the following segments of the Oil & Gas industry:


Single-phase and multiphase flow simulation in oil pipes, cyclones and hydrocyclones, distillation columns with bores and valves, cracking reactors, coking towers, fractionators, valves' erosion prediction, leak detection system, offshore structures, computational technologies for geology and reservoir engineering, drilling and determination of petrophysical properties.

Analysis of storage tanks, ducts, steel structures, pressure vessels, bend stiffeners, risers, adapters, umbilical cables, flexible ducts, pipes, crossover, manifold, flanges, screwed junctions and valves.

Crack growth and crack analysis, simulation of structural defects, simulation of coupled thermal-structural analysis.