Simulating The Future


ESSS North America is Flowmaster USA's preferred consulting services partner for Oil & Gas projects involving thermo-fluid system simulations and provides Flowmaster sales and support in Texas.

Additionally, we develop, market, and provide support for Kraken, ESSS’s proprietary tool for reservoir simulation post-processing and visualization.

FLOWMASTER: Thermo Fluid System Analysis

Flowmster® V7 is a thermo-fluid system simulation software that allows oil and gas system engineers to investigate pressure surge, pressure drop, flow rate, temperature and system response times – removing the uncertainty from fluid flow systems.

Key System Modeling and Simulation Capabilities include:

  • Pressure surge analysis, temperature and fluid flowrate prediction
  • Steady State and Transient simulation of Incompressible andCompressible systems with Heat Transfer analysis
  • Rigorous Energy Balance Solver enables engineers to model the Joule Thomson effect through long pipelines
  • GIS Import Tool for importing pipeline data in addition to the associated database files for engineers to review position, length, elevation, and a visual preview map to understand the layout of the system
  • Extensive catalogue of component models – Built-in empirical data
  • Fast batch simulation analysis
  • Pipe flow balancing - optimizing component sizes
  • Intuitive graphical user interface featuring validated data entry, for reducing margin for error and dynamic color rendering of simulations.

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KRAKEN: Integration, Manipulation and Visualization
of Reservoir Simulation Data

Kraken is ESSS's proprietary tool for reservoir simulation post-processing which features a powerful and modern user interface for the visualization and manipulation of multiple reservoir scenarios and data sets. 

Kraken natively reads and interprets data from existing simulators such as ECLIPSE 100/300, CMG's IMEX, STARS and GEM, UTCHEM and others, properly conciliating solutions, times and units. Kraken is capable of handling grid and well data, while supporting structured, unstructured, and reservoir type grids, providing the user with unique ways of comparing and analyzing multiple simulations.

Reservoir simulation data can be imported into Kraken and manipulated in various ways to assess the number of wells required, the optimal completion of wells, the present and future needs for artificial lift, and the expected production of oil, water and gas. 

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ROCKY: Next Generation DEM Particle Simulator

Rocky DEM is a powerful, 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates the granular flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling equipment.  

Several capabilities set Rocky DEM apart from other DEM codes, including its Multi-GPU processing capabilities, truly non-round particle shapes, the ability to simulate particle breakage without loss of mass or volume, the visualization of boundary surface reduction due to wear, and more.

Mining and manufacturing organizations all over the world are choosing Rocky DEM software to evaluate their bulk material handling systems because Rocky DEM simulates granular flow quickly, accurately, and with more similarity to real-world conditions than ever before. With its ability to create realistic shapes that settle and compact just like actual particles, and its variable sticky and dust-like conditions, Rocky DEM can replicate nearly any type of material handling environment imaginable.

The streamlined calculations and Multi-GPU processing capabilities included within Rocky DEM produce faster and more accurate results when compared to other DEM products. And Rocky DEM can simulate more than tens of millions of particles in nearly limitless size and shape distributions from rocks to grain, metal to plastic, and beyond.

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