Simulating The Future

KRAKEN: Integration, Manipulation and Visualization of Reservoir Simulation Data

Kraken is ESSS's proprietary tool for reservoir simulation post-processing which features a powerful and modern user interface for the visualization and manipulation of multiple reservoir scenarios and data sets. 

Kraken natively reads and interprets data from existing simulators such as ECLIPSE 100/300, CMG's IMEX, STARS and GEM, UTCHEM and others, properly conciliating solutions, times and units. Kraken is capable of handling grid and well data, while supporting structured, unstructured, and reservoir type grids, providing the user with unique ways of comparing and analyzing multiple simulations.

Reservoir simulation data can be imported into Kraken and manipulated in various ways to assess the number of wells required, the optimal completion of wells, the present and future needs for artificial lift, and the expected production of oil, water and gas. 

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