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Electrostatic dischargeElectrostatic discharge

Electrostatic is phenomenon that charged body take on electric charge and discharge electricity.

Plus and minus charged body come near together, gas between them ionize, after that electricity goes through ionized gas to another charged body. Ionized condition depend on degree of humidity, temperature, dust and EM condition. This condition does not only define EM condition.

Role of EM simulator:

  • Behavior of electric charge before discharge
  • Current route and strength after discharge

A 3D simplified gun model was developed in order to understand the electrostatic behavior and the current flow through the arc using Ansoft products coupled with Ansys Workbench.


The electrode is excited with 24V while the pipe is grounded.
Electric field shows areas with higher probability of the arc to occur.


The electric field plot show very high magnitude, this is expected because of the very high excitation delivered by Ansoft Designer. The arc is modeled using a very low resistance path (usually 300 Ω or less on ionized gas plasmas), and it allows the current to flow from the gun electrode to the pipe surface.

Surface loss density is the value that will be used to generate heat source/flux in Ansys Workbench.

Arc Welding