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Cfd modeling of the combustion gases in non-premixed burners of a ground flare and the dispersion of pollutants generated during the process

  • Having installed the necessary capacity for burning safe and efficiently abnormal discards of gaseous hydrocarbons
  • Proper operation minimize the burning
  • Know the environmental impact
  • Minimize the impact
  • Ground Flare is being more generally used at onshore installations
  • Environmental Agencies are demanding more information/data
  • Ground Flare is provided for incinerating waste combustible gas
  • Each burner is composed by a great number of gas nozzles
CFD - Stages / Goals

1st Stage
Modeling the non-premixed hydrocarbon-gaseous jet-flame burner of the Cabiúnas Ground Flare.
Goal: Evaluate the average concentration of major pollutants emitted by combustion.

2nd Stage
Modeling the dispersion of gaseous pollutants from the Ground Flare combustion.
Goal: Evaluate the pollutants dispersion around the Ground Flare.


Petrobras - Brazil


  • Complete scenario of the entire problem

  • Production of pollutants (amount)

  • Dispersion of pollutants in the GF at the near and far field

  • Repeat the condition presented in environmental license application (EIA-RIMA)

  • Facilitate the operation license

  • First insights of the GF behavior