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Improvement of an optical oil and grease monitoring device using the Euler-Lagrange approach


The aim of the present work is the study of the hydrodynamic flow inside an oil-in-water monitoring device for subsea production systems.

Different geometries were tested for the equipment by varying the position of the diffuser and the geometry of the central section.

The main objectives of the study were:

  • Analysis of the shear stress over the lenses;
  • Calculation of the head loss in the equipment;
  • Visualization of recirculation zones in the equipment;
  • Prediction of the quantity of oil droplets that collide against the lenses.

For a fixed central zone profile, the recirculation zones diminish as the diffuser is located further from this zone.

It is interesting to notice that the shear stress sense is directly associated with the recirculation zones.


The results obtained from this study were very helpful as a basis for choosing the best geometry for the device.