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Gravel packing case

  • During well completion in deep or ultra-deep waters, sand contention is a big problem faced by petroleum engineers;
  • Gravel packing consists of filling the annulus formed between the open reservoir and a screen with particulate material;
  • The premature filling occurs when a beta wave of the gravel packing process forms before filling the entire open hole region.
  • Verify the CFD/DEM robustness in simulation of horizontal transport of particulate systems;
    1. Alpha and beta waves evolution in a simplified 2D geometry.
  • Validate the fluid velocity where particles start to be carried in a horizontal channel.

Petrobras - Brazil

In the first simulation, the alpha and beta waves have been reproduced successfully.

High velocities in open well section due the small gap in geometry: a different approach is really necessary in order to obtain more realistic results.

In the second simulation, the bed grows up until the fluid flow reaches a critical velocity. At that point, the bed height reaches a plateau and the horizontal particle transport begins.