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SIMCARR ® is a simulator of hydraulic drilling and cleaning in vertical and inclined wells. This simulator was developed by the Technology Group in Petroleum Engineering from Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro and Technology Sector of Wells CENPES / PETROBRAS.

The analysis consists of cleaning of wells in the calculation of various parameters such as height bed gravels deposited in the annular, the flow pattern, the concentration of suspended solids in the annular and the reason for transporting gravel.

The simulation of hydraulic drilling is the calculation of pressure losses along all during drilling equipment and determination of pressure at key points of the system.



The Simulator SIMCARR ® has the following modules of calculations:

- Probabilistic Module, which allows the inclusion of uncertainties in input parameters of the problem;

- Plugs Module , designed to measure the movement of drilling fluid;

- Reporting Module, which allows the display of calculated data, input data and presents, sensitivity analysis of the model to various input parameters.