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SourSimRL is a simulator currently in use by most of the major oil and gas companies to avoid the formation of sulfide gas (H2S) during the secondary oil recovery process.


The usual formation of H2S during the secondary oil recovery process, when water is injected into the reservoirs is called souring and occurs because the injected water, if rich in sulphates, such as in seawater, stimulates the activity of sulphate-reducing bacteria with the consequent formation of H2S. The H2S speeds up the corrosion of equipment and, if its concentration is too high in the produced fluids, may even become a hazard to human life.


Oil Plus - Petrobras - Maersk - Shell - Chevron - Statoil - Total


The simulator aid both the microbiologist and the oil engineer when predicting the H2S concentration produced in oil wells, based on the information about the reservoir’s nutrients, injection and formation water. Furthermore, it is possible to simulate corrective action processes like biocide and nitrate injection.