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Software for simulation of the fluid circulation involved in oil well cementing operations.


The cementing operation is extremely important on the oil-well drilling and completion phases and it has a large impact on productivity. The use of simulators to foresee possible difficulties in cementing operations has becoming even more essential these days.


Nowadays the Simentar has capabilities to present the following results:

  • Well Schematic
  • Well Trajectory
  • Hydrostatic profile during fluids pumping
  • Pumping pressure over time
  • Well pressure profile along well depths
  • In and out mud flow rates
  • Pipe eccentricity


The software still under development and when completed will bring many more advances in the simulation of cementing operations. Its main objective will be to support the project of cementing, anticipating difficulties and reducing the operating time. In its current phase, the project represents the basic building blocks for the construction of the well geometry, input of the rheological characteristics of each fluid, determination of trajectory calculations and some pressure. In its future phases of the project's intention to serve as a complete and integrated simulator for simulation of cementing operations.