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Pressure While Drilling (PWD) simulation, manipulation and data analysis tool. The PWDa identifies the key phenomena which impacts annular pressure during well drilling of petroleum reservoirs.


Drilling offshore oil wells is a very expensive and complex process, in which all the efforts must be taken to keep the annular pressure between a minimum pressure (pore pressure) and a maximum pressure (fracture pressure) which define the operational window limits.
Several phenomena impact the bottom hole annular pressures, such as: ineffective hole cleaning, gel breaking when circulation is resumed, drillstring movement (surge and swab), trips, pills displacement, kicks, etc.
The correct interpretation of pressure while drilling (PWD) data is a very powerful toll to identify and prevent these phenomena.




The main goal of this project is the development of a computational tool to monitor pressure and mudlogging data in real time to identify the causes of abnormal pressure variations, helping the operators to take decisions rapidly. Besides that, the tool allows the user to handle PWD data in a flexible architecture. This flexibility allows the incorporation of new methods of events identification as they are developed.