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Stress analysis for clapper impact effects
Impact Effects

  • Investigation over the valve closure efficiency by checking stresses and strains at seat-to-clapper interface
  • An explicit dynamics analysis using LS-Dyna was performed
  • A Fluid-dynamic calculations was used to determine the initial conditions of the explicit dynamic analysis
  • Material non-linearity’s, considering elastic-plastic rate dependent behavior
  • Modeling results were post-processed in ANSYS WorkBench
  • Development of highly refined three-dimensional finite element model of the valve, seat and clapper  had the main scope to obtain a reliable results at the clapper to valve seat connection.
  • Results in terms of equivalent plastic strain investigation along specified critical paths allowed to check that structural behavior meet the acceptable stress and strain limits proper of temporary loads as those acting on the valve.

Stress Analysis for Clapper


PetroValves - Italy

Structural integrity assessment of seat valve under impact load due to valve clapper drop in order to guarantee the closure. The only reliable way to establish proper confidence over the valve structural behavior was the performing of an analysis by means of dedicated finite element model