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Stress analysis of a ball valve
during pipeline lay

  • Investigation over the stress state of valve-body (7” 1/16 API 10000 psi) under loading conditions due to pipeline lay phase
  • Material non-linearity’s, considering elastic-plastic (without strain hardening) behavior
  • Assessing of the efficiency of connections between valve-body and pipeline with check of strains at valve-to-pipeline interfaces
  • Development of highly refined three-dimensional finite element model of the valve-body had the main scope of developing a reliable investigation at the connections of pipeline to valve-body
  • Results in terms of equivalent plastic strain investigation along specified, critical, paths allowed to check that structural behavior meet the acceptable stress and strain limits proper of temporary loads as those ones of laying phase are


Stress Analysis of Ball Valve


PetroValves - Italy


Structural integrity assessment of valve-body and of valve-to-pipeline interface sections. The only reliable way to establish proper confidence over the valve structural behavior was the performing of analysis by means of dedicated finite element model