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Parametric modelling, standardization and structural verification of piping and relevant supporting saddles

  • Development of parametric finite element models for 8  distinct piping supporting saddle configurations with diameters from ½" to 72"
  • Determination, inside each piping nominal diameter and the associated thickness distributions, of the max. span (distance between two consecutive saddles) for which the verification of pressure piping according to ASME B31.3 and ASME VIII Div. 2 was satisfied
  • Structural verification for each pipe diameter/thickness combination of the baseline saddle structure. Verifications were performed in accordance to AISC-ASD, assuming, as acting loads, the reactions computed at the previous step (determination of piping max. span step)
  • Development of parametric finite element models of piping in order to determine the max. allowable span between two consecutive saddles, strength verification of piping shell at piping middle span and at piping support (check for membrane stress, membrane+bending stress, total stress against proper reference limits)
  • Development of parametric local piping+saddle finite element models for each saddle typology, saddle members and welds strength verification
  • Pressure Parts (piping): ASME B31.3 and ASME VIII Div. 2
  • Structural Parts (baseline saddles): AISC Standard (Manual of Steel Construction, Allowable Stress Design)

Snamprogetti - Italy


Determination of max. span between two consecutive saddles. Being, the span, mainly governed by strength of pressure piping, the investigation was performed basing on the results obtained by FEM analysis, complying with the requests of rules proper of pressure components simulation