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Finite element analysis of a stinger for pipeline j-lay in deep water


Assessment of a Stinger structural behavior under various load conditions encountered during pipeline lay for different sea states

  • Development of a finite element model of the Stinger structure based upon the as-built geometry drawings. Subsequent models were developed to account for design changes and different loading conditions.
  • Computation of wave and current forces due to sea states exerted on Stinger during pipeline lay. Structural analysis of the Stinger included wave and current forces, forces due to pipeline laying, and forced due to bulky item installation.
  • Structural checks of Stinger members for strength and stability, according to the API-RP-2A code (WSD method).
  • Punching shear checks of Stinger tubular connections according to the API-RP-2A code (WSD method).
  • Stinger design was found to be adequate for withstanding the loads due to pipeline lay.

Sonsub - Italy


Structural assessment of a Stinger for pipeline J-lay at different sea state loading conditions, utilizing finite element analysis and hydrodynamic analysis, in compliance with proper rules governing over the structural checks of offshore structures.