Simulating The Future


ESSS North America is a computational simulations company highly committed to providing a complete range of CAE modeling solutions for Oil & Gas applications which include reservoir simulation post-processing, offshore and subsea applications, and downstream process simulations.

These capabilities, combined with our multidisciplinary know-how in development and rapid implementation of new computational technologies, allows us to tackle complex and challenging simulation problems in order to bring to our customers a variety of what-if scenarios for better understanding the behavior of their products of processes.

Our approach to simulation solutions features three main characteristics:Innovation Knowledge Technologies

Innovation: the ability to develop and and improve simulation solutions to alleviate or resolve challenging problems faced in the various segments of the Oil & Gas industry.

Computational Technologies: solid experience in software engineering and advanced numerical modeling techniques are coupled in order to simulate complex real world problems in a reliable and cost effective way.

Simulation Know-How: staying at the forefront of software development, multi-physics phenomena, and simulation technologies applications.

About ESSS NorthAmerica