EnginSoft Partnership


Key Partner in Design Process Innovation
Software, services, training and research for virtual prototyping

EnginSoft is the Italian leader company and one of the European main actors in the virtual prototyping and CAE industry.

EnginSoft distinctive quality is portfolio of multidisciplinary competences that give the company the opportunity to propose herself as partner capable to face a wide range of problems in all industrial sectors.

Customized solutions, virtual prototyping, product and process innovation consultancies and services, training and continuing education, financed UE projects participation: Enginsoft can supply innovative solutions to the major part of the industrial sectors.

Established: 1984
Locations:: Headquartered in Trento, Italy, EnginSoft has offices in Bergamo, Florence, Padua and Mesagne (Italy), and France, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Spain. EnginSoft maintains active international collaboration with companies and research centers around the world.
Mission: To support process innovation by supplying optimized solutions through a multidisciplinary approach.

For more information about EnginSoft, please visit the official website at http://www.enginsoft.com