Simulating The Future


ESSS North America provides a complete range of multi-physics simulation solutions for various segments of the Oil and Gas Industry which include Reservoir and Geology, Subsea, Production, Offshore, and Downstream Processes.

Among others, our simulation solution expertise includes:

  • Analysis of structures and pressure components
  • Analysis of mechanical-structural components of submarine pipeline repair systems
  • Stress analysis of piping, valves, drilling rigs, and manifolds
  • Impact and explosion analysis
  • 3D CFD analysis of separators, reactors, reformers, pollution dispersion, gas dispersion, vortex-induced motions
  • One-dimensional CFD simulations for optimization of steam line distribution systems
  • Stress analysis and fatigue checks of structures and pressure retaining components according to relevant Rules and Regulations (ASME, BS, PED, TEMA, DNV, AISC, API RP2A, Eurocodes)
  • Ratcheting and shake-down analysis, creep analysis, simulation of residual stress in welds, thermo-mechanical analysis for PWHT operations
  • Fire resistance analysis and simulation of fire-protection system

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Exploration is the initial and crucial step for many upstream operations in the Oil and Gas industry. A significant number of operations and processes take place during hydrocarbons exploration, among where some of the most sensitive include: drilling phase, a well-cementing, and a completion. During these processes, a range of highly complex physical phenomena are triggered and their evolution needs to be assessed and monitored by means of real time data. In some cases, the level of complexity of these phenomena may only be investigated through the use of numerical simulations.  Our background in computational simulation and software engineering allows us to develop tools which are able to manage large amounts of data, post-process it, and visualize relevant key results in order to support the evaluation of a possible, probable or proven reserve.

Offshore structures are generally considered as the starting point for mid-stream and upstream processes. As such, the simulation of both top-sides and substructures is one of the most critical aspects in the development process of offshore platforms mainly due to the harsh environmental and loading conditions that the structure must withstand. In general terms, offshore structures are subjected to waves, current forces, winds and earthquakes, which induce severe load combinations on the platform and could trigger catastrophic consequences. Past project experience allows us to contribute to the simulation of deck and submerged structures according to standard specifications and calculation methodologies typically utilized Offshore and Oil & Gas industry.


ESSS North America provides CAE Simulation Services which include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and customized computational software applications for Reservoir and Geology Engineering.